Automotive Application is a manufacturer of plastic injection molds for automobiles,
   We are specialized in the production of automotive plastic injection mold. We can provide you with professional mold, specialmold/toolrepair/renovation  services, including molding, secondary molding, insert molding, internal mold, computer-aided design and manufacturing, product development, prototype and model, material evaluation, inspection, testing, maintenance and mold process analysis. Auxiliary operations include assembly, CNC machining, ultrasonic welding, milling, reaming, tapping, hot insertion, decoration, hot stamping and special packaging.

The common types of plastics uploaded by cars are as follows according to the location of use:

1. Polycarbonate, glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate

Lamps, instrument signs, sun visors, window glasses, bumpers, etc;

2. Reactive injection molded polyurethane (RIM)

Bumper, radiator grille, spoiler, fender, etc;

Automobile Car Mold
Precision injection mold plastic injection mold

3. Low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene

Damping materials for fenders, ceilings and doors, luggage compartment mats, air ducts, gasoline tanks, etc;

4. PVC, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, glass fiber reinforced polyvinyl chloride, thermosetting low foaming polyvinyl chloride

Instrument panel cover, car roof liner, rear cover plate skin, spare wheel cover, steering wheel, bumper cover, wire cladding, etc;

5. Polypropylene, glass fiber reinforced polypropylene, inorganic filler reinforced polypropylene, electroplating grade polypropylene

Heating and ventilation system, compartment, engine room, vehicle body, lamp housing, tool box, wire terminal, junction box cover, muffler, etc;

6. High impact ABS, ultra-high impact ABS, high rigidity ABS, electroplating ABS, transparent ABS, chlorinated blending ABS

Rear fender, instrument panel, radio cover, air exhaust pipe, steering wheel horn cover, grille, rear guard plate, upper ventilation cover plate, wheelhouse, shutter, bracket, mirror frame, etc;