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Maikt. Com mold has a professional mold design and R&D team, specializing in the production of all kinds of home appliance molds, such as air conditioning mold, refrigerator mold, washing machine mold, TV mold, etc., and has delivered various high-quality home appliance molds for the top household appliance brands of Siemens, Hitachi, France, etc.
Before manufacturing the molds for home appliances, we will conduct mold flow analysis to analyze in advance the problems that may occur in the injection molding process of home appliances, such as whether the plastic flows evenly, the wall thickness is reasonable, and whether there are some potential visual defects such as bubbles, miniatures, and weld lines after the injection molding of home appliances, so as to make reasonable improvements. The analysis categories include material, gate location, quantity, and parting line analysis Confirmation of key dimensions, etc. By optimizing product and mold design in advance, unnecessary rework is avoided, and time cost and financial cost are saved.
Whether it is a household appliance or a small household appliance, the precision of molded plastic parts and the fitting of parts assembly are very important. Therefore, high-precision mold processing is required to produce household appliance parts with precise assembly Com has a variety of high-precision CNC machining centers for processing injection molds for household appliances, such as gantry CNC milling, which is 4200 * 1800CM in length and 1800CM in width, and 600-800mm in depth. It is applicable to the processing and manufacturing of various air conditioning molds and washing machine molds. In addition, the assembly of the mold should not go wrong, otherwise it will take more time and cost for further rework.
We also have a good command of the necessary injection molding processes for various home appliance molds, such as gas assisted technology, two-color technology, etc.
For plastic molds for household appliances, we will conduct repeated quality tests before shipment. At the same time, during project cooperation, we will regularly provide work logs, quality inspection reports, mold trial videos, mold operation manuals and other important materials. If you are looking for a reliable supplier of home appliance molds, please contact us. I believe you will return with satisfaction.