Atomizer injection mold.

Background technology:

2. The poor sealing of the existing injection mold during injection molding easily leads to plastic residue on the opening edge of the mold core after injection molding, which increases the difficulty of cleaning after demoulding.

Technical realization elements:

3. In view of this, the embodiment of the utility model aims to provide an atomizer injection mold to solve the problem of plastic residue at the edge of the mold core after injection in the prior art.

4. An atomizer injection mold, including a sequentially connected injection funnel, a panel, a nozzle plate, a first mounting plate, a mold core component, a second mounting plate, a square iron, a thimble plate and a bottom plate;

5. The panel, the water inlet plate, the first mounting plate, the second mounting plate and the square iron are connected through four groups of guide pillars in turn;

6. A receiving cavity is formed between the first mounting plate and the second mounting plate;

7. The mold core assembly includes a first mold core installed in the receiving cavity and a second mold core inserted opposite to the first mold core;

8. Slots are set on the first side and the second side of the first mold core, and the mold core assembly also includes a diagonal pressing block matched with the slotting, and an “l” type shovel foundation buckled on the diagonal pressing block;

9. The first mold core is provided with two circular holes, and the first insert is covered on the circular holes; The center of the first insert is provided with an injection hole, on which is inserted a conduit that matches the aperture size of the injection hole, on the second mold core and in the circular hole is also provided with a second insert, through which plastic is poured into the plastic funnel, and through the guide pipe, plastic is injected into the second insert in the circular hole for injection molding.

10. Optionally, several groups of thimbles are also installed between the second insert and the thimble plate.

11. Optionally, a funnel mounting hole is arranged at the center of the panel and the nozzle plate, and a plastic pouring funnel is fixed on the funnel mounting hole.

12. Optionally, the square iron is provided with two and fixed between the bottom plate and the second mounting plate.

13. Optionally, a thimble plate is arranged between the two square irons. The thimble plate and the square iron are perpendicular to each other. The thimble plate can move in the direction close to the second mounting plate or far away from the second mounting plate to drive the thimble to push the second insert to demould.

14. Optionally, the square iron and the base plate are fixedly connected by bolts.

15. The atomizer injection mold of the utility model uses a conduit to inject molten plastic into the second insert for injection molding by setting a first insert on a circular hole and an injection hole on the first insert, which prevents the material from overflowing during injection molding and remains on the edge of the mold core

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