All molds can be customized according to customer requirements
Motorcycle helmet mold

The factory mainly manufactures helmets, lenses, goggles, understands optical principles, injection molding, strengthening, anti fog, electroplating and mold development, and has complete equipment. Source manufacturer

Motorcycle helmet

[Mold treatment]

Nitriding - reduce the deformation of the mold, increase the surface hardness and wear resistance of the mold, make the mold more durable and extend the life of the mold. Electroplating - increase the brightness and corrosion resistance of the formed surface, which is very practical for transparent parts with high surface requirements. Leather grain - make lines on the surface of the mold to make the product more textured, which is very suitable for luggage.

TEST mold

[Type of mold] Plastic product molds for electricity meter boxes, daily necessities, auto and motorcycle accessories, plastic pipe fittings, household appliances, chairs, cups, trash cans, etc.
[Mold base] LKM, HASCO, DME and other standard mold bases.
[Mold material] High quality Shanghai Baosteel P20 (hardness 28-32hrc) and 718 (hardness 32-38hrc) are selected for ordinary products, and high quality S45c, self-made mold base or LKM standard mold base are selected for templates. Products with high precision and high requirements are imported from Germany: 2738, 2344, 2083, 8407, NAK80 and other steels. All steel products are from regular steel suppliers, and material inspection reports can be provided.
[Gate] Hot runner and cold runner.
[Waterway] Scientific and reasonable waterway layout design can improve the cooling effect by 30%, ensure uniform cooling of the mold during production and molding, effectively shorten the production cycle, and extend the service life of the mold.