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The mold is the most critical part in the gear injection molding process. maikt. com The application scope of com gear die can be roughly divided into three aspects: plastic gear die, powder metallurgy gear die and precision forging bevel gear die. Among them, the demand for plastic gear molds is relatively large. Gear is a relatively precise part, and a small deviation may affect the performance of the whole gear. The plastic gear mold looks simple, but it is actually the most complex. For example, the gear module, the size of the helix angle, the determination of the hole location and other factors affect the design of the gear mold.
Precision and life are the most important problems in gear die research. Because plastic gear will be deformed and shrunk during processing, and the precision change rule after shrinkage.
The products are used in micro motors, electronic products, auto parts, household appliances, office supplies, toys mold handicrafts and other industries. For example, different gear combinations are used in automobile rear-view mirrors, headlight regulators, timers, micro motors, reducers, printers, fax machines, cameras, DVD movements, paper shredders, copiers, massagers, toy movements, instruments and meters, medical equipment, vacuum cleaners, automatic coffee machines and other products.

Plastic gear

The gear mold manufacturer introduced the current situation and prospects of the plastic gear mold industry. I hope this article will be helpful to you. If you need mold manufacturing, please contact me!

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