injection mould making provides customers with another way to save money in the manufacturing process.

is able to leverage our manufacturing capabilities globally to keep costs low while maximizing turnaround and production time.  

maikt. com We are located in China’s toy manufacturing city. Shantou has a mature and complete supply chain for plastic toy design, production, processing, talents, raw materials and other supporting industries, saving production costs for enterprises and improving their competitiveness.
 Advantages in injection molding and manufacturing:

1. Provide plastic toy mold design. You can send real objects to us to design moulds for you. It can also help you develop new products.
2. Provide OEM and ODM customized services.
3. If necessary, we can not only provide you with mold manufacturing, but also process, assemble and produce finished products according to your requirements, and then ship them to you. This is because our production cost is lower than yours, which directly saves you money!
    Moulding is specialized in manufacturing various types of plastic toy molds, providing various types of outdoor toy molds, beach toy molds, electric toy molds, music toy molds, baby toy molds, traffic toy molds, etc. We provide plastic toy mold design, processing and manufacturing, plastic toy mold prices, toy mold pictures, our company produces more than 100 sets of plastic toy molds annually, accumulating rich toy mold design, processing, manufacturing, Specializing in plastic toy mold design, plastic toy mold steel selection, injection molding, plastic toy mold matching selection,
Plastic toy mold provides an important processing basis for the processing and manufacturing of daily necessities. The toy mold is accurately processed, well polished, and has excellent accessories, which is convenient for the later use and maintenance of the mold.
The processing cycle of our plastic toy molds is 30-60 days. The mold cavity is made of long and high-quality 2738/718/P20 mold steel, and the core is made 718/P20. This not only ensures the quality of the mold, but also optimizes the cost of the mold to a certain extent.
     The molding cycle of plastic toy mold is generally 40-60 seconds. With our excellent mold cooling design, it can effectively save the molding cycle of the mold and reduce costs.

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